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柳ゆりYanagi Yuri

Totally addicted to bass

12 July
My LJ is my place to rant, and to express my feelings without censure right at that particular moment of writing (you have been cautioned), and most of what I have here is quite old (I keep this account open to stay in contact with my fellow San San-ers :D.

I have rants on here because LJ is like my "petition to the gods". When I am stressed, angry, upset (or all three) or I've experienced something that is particularly important, I like to write here. It's cathartic and gives me perspective on situations. It feels great to look back on a tough time and reflect on how I overcame it. Also I can acknowledge all the special people in my life who have helped me through those tough times.

If you want to know anything about me, please don't hesitate to ask. I can't say that I'll answer, but it doesn't cost to try ;)
Anyway, welcome. I hope the mood swings don't give you whiplash XD